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The technical programme will be structured into parallel sessions. The preliminary timetable includes registration and welcome on Sunday, and from Monday to Wednesday, paper presentations (lectures and posters), Last Minute Poster Communications as well as an accompanying exhibition. The event will include an extended poster session with a poster party.

Conference topics

The following non-exhaustive list of research items, when related to the process industries, are of concern for this Loss Prevention Symposium: Management and communication of risk, human and organizational factors, learning from accidents and knowledge transfer, fires and explosions, alarm and mitigation systems, simulation and modeling, dispersion of hazardous materials, process safety engineering, inherently safer design techniques, safety-based design, resilience for process safety, safety integrity levels, regulatory issues, classification of hazardous substances, definition of explosive atmospheres, standards and codes for design and operation of particular types of installations (LPG storage, flammable liquids, security concerns, natural-technological (natech) safety assessment and management.

Themes of particular interest are: Management and communication of risk and safety; Human and organizational factors of risk and safety; Process Safety Engineering and Technological innovations; Physical Security and Cyber Security in process plants; Fires and Explosions; Simulation and modeling; Learning from accidents and knowledge transfer; Risk governance and regulatory issues.

More information

If you are interested in registering or if you would like to learn more, please visit the event website.

Meet us

CGE will attend the conference and we will give a presentation about ‘Learning from accidents and process safety education.’. I hope to see you there.