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Course pre-requisites

Attendees should have completed the BowTieXP course or should be familiar with the use of the BowTieXP software before taking the AuditXP course.

Audit overview

The first session provides an overview of the audit scope and the benefits of barrier based auditing. Get expert-level auditing tips from our trainers who are also lead auditors to various industry sectors.


Learn to apply the AuditXP module for conducting in-house audits and centrally manage your audit performance data. Improve your assurance program by checking and validating control implementation to proactively improve risk performance.

The hands on exercises are designed to provide participants a sound understanding and application of the AuditXP capabilities. It allows participants to create audit questions, define the audit scope using surveys, export and import data in and out of the software, run various reports and find ways to get the best value to effectively manage risk.

Learn how the BowTieXP and AuditXP modules interact and align with the Demming Cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act to proactively manage risk.

Who should attend?

Risk Engineers, Risk Managers, Auditors, Supervisors, Managers, Safety Professionals and leaders responsible for managing risk activities.

More information and registration

Check out the website or contact RPS via bowtie@bowtierisksolutions.com.au.