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The oil & gas industry can be seen as a parent of risk management, assessment and analysis. Many methods and techniques we know today were developed in this industry (e.g. BowTie, Tripod-Beta). The leading role of the Oil & Gas has inspired other industries to look into risk management as well. Even to this day, the Oil & Gas industry remains the largest user group of CGE’s software such as BowTieXP, Investigator 3 and Blackbox.

Working with hydrocarbons is a hazardous business. The industry has learned through various large scale incidents that managing the risks is a vital part of the job. It is required in every component of the petroleum industry. In upstream, dynamic processes such as well drilling, exploration and production demand constant management to prevent uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons (i.e. blowouts). In the upstream component such as oil refinery and transportation, managing the risks is equally important to prevent harm being dealt to your people, the environment and the company. Throughout the Oil & Gas industry, the BowTieXP software is used to gain insight into the risks. It has become an essential part of the risk manager’s toolkit.

Although we strive to prevent incidents or accidents from happening through a solid risk management system, incidents may still occur. This gives us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, so we can take measures to make sure similar incidents are not allowed to occur again.

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Investigator 3:

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Oil & Gas customers

Major companies in the Oil & Gas industry implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System, e.g.:

A.P. Moller Maersk

Noble Drilling


North Caspian Operating Co.

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