Mining can be a very dangerous activity if the risks are not properly managed. There are many potential hazards present on mining sites such as heavy machinery, toxic and explosive gasses, blasting equipment and the stability of mining surface. These hazards can harm personnel, but can also have a detrimental effect on machinery or the surrounding environment.

The mining industry is a typical example of a social-technical industry. It relies heavily on the combined effort of man and machine. Social-technical processes are often described as highly dynamic because it is the field where both technical integrity and human decision-making meet. This generates a high level of complexity, a challenge when it comes to managing the risks. Adequate software tools are required to map out all barriers and controls that are in place to contain the hazards to create overview and reduce the level of complexity.

CGE Risk provides various software packages which coverer different elements of risk management. The BowTieXP package allows you to create the well-known BowTie diagrams which comprehensively display your hazards, threats, barriers and consequences. Although we try to prevent incidents from occurring through our risk management system, chances are that your company is experiencing incidents or accidents. It is important to learn from these adverse events to further strengthen the risk management system. CGE Risk offers incident investigation software packages such as Investigator 3, BSCAT and BlackBox especially for this purpose.



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Investigator 3:

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Mining customers

Major companies in the Mining industry implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System, e.g.:

GBF Underground Mining
BHP Billiton

Flinders Mines
Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.

State Supervision of Mines

Rio Tinto
Nautilus Minerals

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