Modern aviation legislative requirements insist that risk assessments are performed for understanding operational Hazards and their accompanying risks. Organizations need to gain more insight in the causality of seemingly independent events and conditions and need to develop a systematic way of assuring control over these Hazards. BowTieXP will allow you to assess your risks and in addition the software BSCAT, Investigator 3 or Blackbox will help you to analyze the incidents.

CGE Risk's software tools are being used in multiple disciplines of the aviation industry, e.g. airport-operators, air traffic control and airline-operators (flight- and maintenance operations). Although it is mainly used in the civil aviation sector, also several regulators and other authorities have adopted the software. Already more than 40 clients in the aviation industry implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System and their number is rapidly increasing.

Significant Seven Bowtie Templates

The UK CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) worked in partnership with the industry to develop BowTie models covering each of the CAA’s ‘Significant Seven’ safety issues for fixed wing:

  • Airborne and Post-Crash Fire
  • Airborne Conflict
  • Runway Overrun or Excursion
  • Loss of Control
  • Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT)
  • Runway Incursion and Ground Collision
  • Ramp Incidents

(CAA ’Significant Seven’ Task Force Reports)

Here are also some example issues for rotor wing from EHEST:

  • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)
  • Vortex Ring State
  • Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE)
  • Static and Dynamic Rollover

The Significant Seven have now been published on the CAA website. Have a look here for more information.

Bowtie included in new ICAO Safety Management Training Program

Do you work for a state regulatory body or an aviation service provider? Are you involved in the planning, development and implementation of State Safety Programs or Safety Management Systems? – You are invited to register for the ICAO Safety Management Training Program to increase your knowledge and skills to implement, administer and operate SMS.


Example files



Investigator 3:

Aviation customers

More than 40 clients in the aviation industry implemented our software as part of their Safety Management System, e.g.:

American Airlines
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

British Airways
Civil Aviation Authority UK (CAA)

CHC Helicopter
Royal Australian Air Force

Japan Airlines
Jazeera Airways

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The objective of these meetings is to share information with you on the latest trends, methods and tools - and to receive information from you which is relevant for your industry.

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