CGE is operating globally for their customers in a range of industries. Originally, CGE focused on the oil & gas industry, which is still a very active market. But today, CGE is active in a range of industries.

This spread came about because companies from other high hazard industries started to look at what the oil & gas industry was doing, and extrapolated success stories to their own industry. This has first been done successfully in the chemical industry, after which it spread to aviation and mining.

In these four industries, different combinations of products and services have already been implemented. More new industries, such as maritime and energy are also seeing the benefit of barrier based risk management and are busy implementing innovative solutions. Even industries that are not directly considered high hazard, such as governmental bodies and the financial sector, are now discovering CGE and it’s solutions and services.









Industry Events Reference

In 2017 we will organize a series of industry events at various locations around the world.

The objective of these meetings is to share information with you on the latest trends, methods and tools - and to receive information from you which is relevant for your industry.

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