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2020’s #1 Frequently Asked Question – The story of Prince Pretty Tie

Fair enough, the year 2020 isn’t over yet, but we must all admit that we are ploughing our way towards the most desired annual outcome business-wise already. And as a natural result when starting to round up, you also start to look back to make up the balance sheet of what has been. It is safe to say that this year was, for the majority of people on our planet, the most bizarre year ever experienced. The temporal and structural impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an overarching theme [...]

November 11th, 2020|Blog, BowtieXP|

From Fault Schedules to Bowties – Enhancing safety case usability

Enhancing Safety Cases usability for Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors - Guest Blog by Fidel Ilizastigui Perez from Todus Advisors - Hazards 29 is Europe’s leading process safety forum. At this event, industry safety expert and CGE Risk partner, Fidel Ilizastigui Perez from Todus Advisors presented a poster with accompanying paper addressing the way bowties can be used to enhance the usability of safety cases for advanced nuclear power reactors. Starting from fault schedules, bowtie diagrams are constructed with input sought from licensee’s key end users of the safety case. The resultant Bowtie [...]

November 4th, 2020|Blog, Energy|

Bowtie gamification – Guestblog series Play & Learn, part 4

In 2019, QSMS-PRO has developed an epic spacial bowtie experience, based on gamification. The game uses refined content, mostly based on the recent BowTie book published by CCPS/Wiley. Scroll down to learn more. Are we offering good learning experiences in our companies? Educational institutions often fail to achieve satisfactory results in terms of delivering educational solutions adherent to the current moment of the corporate environment. One of the main reasons for this failure is the repetitive use of obsolete learning strategies and approaches in the development of technical and non-technical [...]

October 27th, 2020|Blog|

BowTieServer Plot Plans feature

Did you know that BowTieServer version 10 comes with a new feature called ‘interactive plot plans’? This feature allows you to upload a picture of your operation, e.g. the blueprint of your oil rig or the layout of your mine. In the video the plot plan is a human body that visualizes the registered injuries. Each time a user reports an incident, he/she can pinpoint where this occurred, and over time, you will get an overview of how many times incidents occurred in specific areas of your operation. It allows [...]

October 8th, 2020|Blog, BowTieServer, Video|

Getting it done – Useful tips for a successful bowtie workshop

Wizard seeks apprentices You’ve done your reading, you’ve done your homework, you’ve built tons of bowties in the past and you know all the ins and outs of every element and its supporting guidelines. As a bowtie expert it can be highly fulfilling to pass on this knowledge in a guiding role as a bowtie workshop facilitator. But how to do this? We listed some best practices from our own and partner network experience to get you started in becoming an effective workshop facilitator, leading the next generation of bowtie [...]

October 8th, 2020|Blog, BowtieXP|

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