12 07, 2013

Revisiting the Swiss Cheese model

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The Swiss cheese model has proven to be one of the dominant safety metaphors of our time. Over the years, multiple barrier based methods have been developed using this metaphor, often with slightly different goals and interpretations of the original Swiss cheese model. However, because most still share enough commonalities, these methods can be combined [...]

22 07, 2012

The Benefits of the BSCAT Method

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The BSCAT™ method refers to a method that links modern risk–based safety management approaches to systematic root cause incident investigation.  The “B” refers to barrier–based as each barrier identified in bowtie risk assessments is tested for why it failed. SCAT™ is Systematic Cause Analysis Technique, a well-established root cause analysis approach which incorporates the DNV [...]

5 02, 2012

Process Deviation management – Learning from incidents

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Learning from incidents Analyzing incidents using a barrier based philosophy is a common occurrence. Learning from individual incidents is becoming more ubiquitous, we know roughly how to do it. The challenge is to learn from many incidents. In the area of risk assessment, the same barrier philosophy can be applied. The bowtie method is the [...]