5 07, 2017

CGE Joint Industries Project 2017: Stairway to heaven

2017-08-03T11:40:49+02:00Blog, Joint Industry Project|

For 2017 we have initiated a Joint Industries Project (JIP) that focuses on the link between culture & leadership and risk management. The JIP 2017 will give participating organizations valuable insights, practical tools and useful templates for risk assessments, incident scenarios, and audits. Context In the HSEQ domain, we recognize four areas of importance: culture & leadership, risk management, processes & [...]

5 01, 2016

CGE Joint Industries Project 2016 – Barrier Based Content Library

2019-02-07T13:37:24+01:00Blog, Joint Industry Project|

Building a library of 'best practice content', related to: Control Frameworks Risk Assessments Performance Based Audits Objectives As more clients are introducing BowTieServer as a platform to implement barrier based risk management across the enterprise, we are asked if we can provide our clients with content based on industry standards and best practices. For this [...]