The Bowtie Game of Realism and Courage – Guestblog series Play & Learn, part 7

‘Learning from incidents’, ‘barrier analysis’ and ‘critical controls’ have become popular statements in various industries. Understanding these concepts is a different ball game (or correctly stated a different software game). In fact, this ‘game’ was developed using ancient civilization defence mechanisms and goes back as far as the middle ages, illuminating the nature of ‘barrier’ [...]


Risk Management Words to Make 2021 a Success

Creating a clear safety policy surrounding your operations can be a real challenge. It was MIT professor Edgar Schein, who reasoned that only when there is sufficient understanding of the existing risks within all layers of the organization, a company can move its focus forward towards innovating, changing, and creating a desirable culture for its [...]


Top 3 best watched videos 2020

This year definitely had its ups and downs. We like to focus on the positives with our best of 2020! In this second part of the series, we list our top 3 most watched videos. Which content has proven to be popular over the past year? 1 - Connected by Risk Up first, the broadcast [...]


Key ingredients for a safe and sound Christmas dinner

There you are – standing in your kitchen, wearing your most jolly bowtie – surrounded by culinary ingredients you never even knew existed. Why did you promise to cook the Christmas turkey again? It is the most wonderful time of the year and as households around the globe are making their preparations and gathering ingredients [...]


Top 3 – Best read blogs in 2020

Although the year isn’t over yet, it is safe to say which blogs have been best read in the year 2020. Overall themes? Turning your Excel into a bowtie diagram, dealing with COVID-19, and the abuse of bowties and how to prevent it. Grab a cup of coffee and find our top 3 below. 1 [...]