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14 03, 2018

The inevitability of functional safety embracing cybersecurity risk

2018-03-14T11:57:01+00:00 Blog, Cyber security|

Guest blog by Nigel Stanley (Chief Technology Officer - Operational Technology and Industrial Cybersecurity CoE) - TÜV Rheinland (Risktec Solutions Ltd.) Most people would agree that we are now at the start of the fourth (4.0) industrial revolution, also known as the current trend of automation and data exchange. The traditional slower pace of industry [...]

8 03, 2018

How do barriers relate to one another? Taking dependencies into account in Bowtie

2018-03-09T10:14:42+00:00 Blog, BowtieXP|

Loss of containment could lead to fire. Having multiple barriers or controls between those events could give the impression that the operation is well-protected. But what if your barriers are dependent on each other? Many organizations struggle with the level of detail when defining barriers in bowtie risk modeling. For example: should barriers be fully [...]

26 02, 2018

Bowties increasingly popular in India

2018-02-26T17:02:10+00:00 News|

More and more people in India are becoming familiar with the bowtie method. CGE and its local partner Sudaksha Consulting have been investing in the region by participating in conferences and organizing workshops, to demonstrate how the barrier based bowtie methodology can help organizations improve their risk management structure. Presenting the benefits of visual barrier [...]

21 02, 2018

How Human Factors can be taken into account in Bowtie risk modeling

2018-02-21T15:41:29+00:00 Blog, BowtieXP|

Bowtie risk assessment is broadly used in high hazard industries. The bowtie modeling has proven to be a successful method to: 1) visualize risk scenario’s and control measures, 2) facilitate structured brainstorming and 3) identify gaps in risk control, by highlighting information that is lacking or unknown. Human Factors: a greater threat than technical [...]

15 02, 2018

Barriers: how many do you really have?

2018-03-05T13:49:56+00:00 Blog|

The above picture shows a Boeing 787 that suffered from electrical fire in Heathrow, 2013 Guest blog by Anthony Venetz - Across Safety Development When looking at barriers in a bowtie they appear to be sequential, i.e. if one barrier fails then the next one should come into play, but is this always the case? [...]

7 02, 2018

Using BowTieXP to operationalize your barriers or controls

2018-03-05T14:16:21+00:00 Blog, Software functionality blog|

We often see that organizations can be quite adept at performing the first steps in building a better safety culture using BowTieXP software. They start with identifying and defining their barriers and they even find the employees who are accountable for the barrier. These are some great and very necessary first steps to construct a [...]

1 02, 2018

Barrier management practices discussed at Botlek event

2018-02-12T15:18:10+00:00 BowtieXP, News|

On the 29th of January, Slice and CGE brought together around 50 people for the ‘Barriers at the Botlek’ event, to discuss barrier management practices as experienced by companies who’ve embraced barrier-based risk management, such as Shell, Sandvik and Odfjell. Discussed topics were: barrier maturity levels in organizations, moving from risk registers to a barrier-based [...]

19 01, 2018

Former Shell employees develop ‘Life-Saving Rules’ game

2018-01-19T11:10:39+00:00 News|

Making companies safer with playful learning is the dream of two former Shell employees and founders of the Safety Leaders Foundation. Therefore Dick Nijen Twilhaar and Willem Peuscher created and developed the ‘iLife-Saving Rules®’ game, a game that is based on Shell’s 12 Life-Saving Rules. From helping develop Shell's Life-Saving Rules to developing this game [...]

15 01, 2018

A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 3: Key Words and Concepts in ORM – Getting the Thinking and Conversations Consistent

2018-03-05T14:17:35+00:00 Blog, Mining|

This article is the third in a series intended to stimulate discussion about advances in mining Operational Risk Management (ORM). The first article outlined the ORM advances and provided a list of 17 articles. The second article provided a perspective on the development of mining ORM in Australia since the late 1980s. This third article [...]