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About us

Today’s world is increasing in complexity and risks. Because of this, more insight and overview is required with regard to risk factors. And with that more useful information and communication is required for a safe working environment and reliable operation for all stakeholders.

We assist our customers to address three basic questions:
1. Do we understand what can go wrong?
2. Do we know what our systems are to prevent this happening?
3. Do we have information to assure us they are working effectively?

To deal with these questions and with constant change, companies need new and innovative means to manage their risks. Our goal is to offer world class barrier based risk management software solutions to identify and manage operational, tactical and strategic risks – from the work floor to a corporate level and across the enterprise.

We believe that barrier based risk management can contribute to less incidents, but also to better insight and knowledge transfer, improved efficiency, higher returns, cost savings, better quality and even a competitive strategic advantage.

CGE Risk Management Solutions delivers standard “off the shelf” software for barrier based risk management. The software can be used for risk assessments, audits & inspections, incident management (reporting, analysis, investigation and action tracking), compliance management and a ‘barrier based’ document library.

The core of the software is the qualitative and visual “bowtie” risk asessment method that helps you to make risk understandable. To understand incidents and process deviations, we support various methods such as BSCAT (DNV GL), Tripod, Barrier Failure Analysis, Timeline, Root Cause Analysis and TOP-SET RCA (Kelvin TOP-SET)

This will allow you to understand what you can do to control these risk and manage your critical barriers and controls to enable safe and efficient operations.

We started BowtieXP in 2004. Today we offer a suite of standard “off the shelf” software products serviced by a team operating from The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and Houston with a global partner network on 7 continents.

We keep focus and do what we are good at: making state-of-the-art risk management solutions: BowTieXP, IncidentXP, AuditXP, BowTieServer. In addition to these products we also act as a distributor of Investigator 3 and BlackBox. For a small number of industry leading clients we are involved in development projects.

To be able to service our clients to the best of our ability, we work with the best software solutions via a global network of experienced consultancy partners. We have thorough knowledge of methodologies for training, applying and implementing these solutions in your organization.

We believe in good methods, excellent software solutions and good services. Our software solutions are all based on risk management and incident analysis methods that have been around for many years and have been accepted by many industries. The visual and qualitative bowtie risk assessment methodology is at the heart of what we offer. The basis of this method is identifying which barriers are important to be managed, in order to control what you do as an organization. Whether this is drilling for oil, transporting people or providing financial services.

The visual and qualitative bowtie risk assessment methodology is at the heart of what we offer. The basis of this method is identifying which barriers are important to be managed, in order to control what you do as an organization. Whether this is drilling for oil, transporting people or providing financial services.

To facilitate the sharing of knowledge we have taken the initiative to start the CGE Innovation Center.

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To help our partners and clients at various bowtie knowledge levels, CGE took the initiative of creating a database with case studies called the ‘Bowtie Examples Library’. The Bowtie Library is constantly being updated with newly uploaded bowties from partners and clients. In the past few months, CGE has [...]

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Consequences in a bowtie: why describe them as events rather than damage?

One of the guidelines we use when creating bowties is to describe the consequences as events, rather than damage. However, we see that many bowtie-creators struggle with the description of a consequence. In this blog, we explain how to describe consequences in the bowtie. Describing your consequences A common approach is that the bowtie-creator defines a total of four consequences for the top event: Injury/fatalities, asset damage, environmental damage, and reputation damage. Most likely, all hazards involve the above four in some way and one could simply copy and paste [...]

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Big Data in your Bowtie

Guest blog by Coen van Gulijk, professor of railway safety and risk at the University of Huddersfield. Bowties are an effective visual representation of the risk space that you want to control. Bowties connect hazards, threats, consequences and most importantly controls in a clear interface. With the new BowTieServer, several functions can be added to bowties that provide you with relevant information about the quality and status of barriers: AuditXP, IncidentXP and Investigator 3 are examples of this. These products pave the way towards extensive data-integration for safety management systems: Big [...]

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Visual Qualification – Risk Management in Life Science Industries

Guest blog by David Hatch from Process Safety Integrity (PSI) Every business has legal, economic, and ethical objectives that range from mandatory safety to commercial goals to corporate citizenship. Businesses undertake a certain amount of risk to achieve these objectives. In this blog, David Hatch (Process Hazard Analyst at Process Safety Integrity) gives a brief introduction to a recent article on barrier-based risk management that was published in the Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine. Risk and reward The Life Science industries (Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medical Devices etc), in order to achieve their commercial [...]

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