A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 6: It’s a Journey – using journey models to analyse and plan ORM improvements

Welcome to the 6th article in a series intended to generate discussion amongst H&S risk professionals and managers about improvements to the site Operational Risk Management (ORM) thinking and methods. The content should also help ORM personnel ‘influence’ line management at all levels. The term, ‘influence’, has been deliberately selected to highlight the need for [...]

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A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 5: Good practice Operational Risk Management

Welcome to article 5 of 17. Thanks to those who have provided feedback. Article 3 and 4 of the series briefly presented a ‘back to basics’ discussion about terminology and the focus on controls, also called barriers. Potential changes were reviewed to help develop a good control focus considering conversations and mindsets, and to a [...]

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A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 4: Making the argument – Risk is all about Controls and their Effectiveness

Achieving control-focused mindsets and methods may be a step change. This article will discuss the mindset shift that forms part of the move toward site control-based risk management and critical control management. Subsequent articles will discuss the changes to risk management methods in more detail. Risk-focus versus control-focus In the past, and perhaps even today, [...]

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Expomin 2018 Mining – Chili

Expomin es la feria minera de Latinoamérica mas grande. Está consolidada como un espacio que promueve la transferencia de conocimientos, experiencias y especialmente la oferta de tecnologías que contribuyen a la innovación y aumento de la productividad de los procesos mineros, lo que la convierte en una gran plataforma de oportunidades de alcance mundial. Fecha: [...]


A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 3: Key Words and Concepts in ORM – Getting the Thinking and Conversations Consistent

This article is the third in a series intended to stimulate discussion about advances in mining Operational Risk Management (ORM). The first article outlined the ORM advances and provided a list of 17 articles. The second article provided a perspective on the development of mining ORM in Australia since the late 1980s. This third article [...]

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A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 2: A short history of ORM in Australian Mining: one perspective

Revisiting the history of Operational Risk Management (ORM) not only helps us understand the technical evolution of ORM but also may help us recognize the mindsets of individuals who have been in the industry for many years. People at all levels of the mining industry have been exposed to a variety of ORM initiatives over [...]

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A Mining Guest Blog Series by Jim Joy – Part 1: Welcome & Introduction

The global mining industry has been communicating visions of Zero Harm for many years. As part of this vision, the industry has been committed to proactively managing operational risk. To support this Operational Risk Management (ORM) initiative, a series of short articles will be offered providing a perspective on the related needs, opportunities and challenges. [...]

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Jim Joy helps CGE and TU Delft to release the new generation of mining academics in barrier management

On September 7th 2017, Jim Joy and CGE were invited to provide a guest lecture at the Delft University of Technology. Students in geo engineering were being informed about the powerful barrier management techniques and the most powerful risk management technique bowtie analysis. Jim Joy We had the privilege of Jim Joy dialing in on this [...]


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