In 2020 we proudly launched our version 10 software, on which we have received loads of positive feedback from satisfied customers. But not every customer experienced a transition without any bumps. We’ve identified the number one issue that arose and would like to pose it to you transparently, in order to pro-actively reach out in the event similar issues with our software do occur.

The story of Prince Pretty Tie

Our BowtieXP software is designed as a user-friendly executable that is easy to install, even for the most software adverse people that are its end users. For the executable to function at each launch without you having to activate the software repeatedly, the software ‘looks’ for the location in which your personal activation code has been automatically stored. And BowtieXP is a very determined and loyal executable in doing so; it will find this location just as any brave fairytale prince finds his princess locked up in the highest tower.

But what if there’s a new princess in town?

In an idealistic fairytale this does of course not occur. But what happened this year for instance, is that our current LOPA users received a new activation code from us, to incorporate the previous plug-in functionality as an add-on within the BowtieXP v10 executable instead. A proper improvement for the usability of all future LOPA users, but this group of clients suddenly got stuck with a very confused prince! The software automatically searched for the location where the old activation code was stored at each launch, hence the new features of the software remained unavailable to the client.

All clients that come across a situation in which they must replace their initial activation code with an updated one, face this possible unwanted result. Since it was the most asked question in our support box this year, we would like to reveal the location to the tower.

On your hard-drive, follow either one of these paths:

– C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\Governors\BowTieXP\CachedCodes
– C:\ProgramData\Governors\BowTieXP

There you will find an “activation.dat” file. This is usually where your ‘old princess’ still resides. Make sure, however sad, to replace her with your ‘new princess’. A.k.a. change the activation code in this file.

By doing so, you’re allowing your BowtieXP prince to be the king of your castle again!

Note that this scenario works in over 90% of all cases, but specifically applies for host-locked licenses. For an AD group activation (site-locked licenses), the premises of the software searching for the activation code are similar, but the location of the activation code depends on your organization’s centralized directory structure. If they update the correct centralized code, the activation should be updated for all participants of the AD group. Please consult your IT department on this and let them contact us on specific details when necessary.

They lived happily ever after

Our future adventures will be concerned with the integration of Wolters Kluwer software solutions. During next week’s SPF World event, Enablon will provide a guided tour of the new Enablon V9 platform, including key innovations and integrations around CGE Risk solutions. For CGE Risk, this is an exciting start of our new storyline as part of the Enablon business unit within Wolters Kluwer. We look forward to tackling the challenges that this 2021 endeavour brings and will remain happy to offer you the best support possible, as always.

Please continue to send your support questions and make sure to have an activated Support & Maintenance license if you haven’t already. This will allow you to use the latest version. For more information on such a (recommended) subscription, visit our support web page.