This year definitely had its ups and downs. We like to focus on the positives with our best of 2020! In this second part of the series, we list our top 3 most watched videos. Which content has proven to be popular over the past year?

1 – Connected by Risk

Up first, the broadcast of your first virtual event ‘Connected by Risk’, from our event living room and studio in The Hague (NL) directly to your screen. With two time slots, four expert speakers and 1300 registered attendees, it promised to be an inspirational and joyful event and that it was. The initiative received great feedback on YouTube, with comments such as ‘fantastic work’ and ‘excellent presentations.’ Would you like to get an impression of what our events look like?


2 – BowTieXP software installation & activation

Our most frequently asked questions often include practical and technical elements. It comes as no surprise to learn that our tutorial on the installation of BowTieXP Software takes the silver and is second on the most watched list of 2020. This quick video shows you, not just how to install, but how to activate your BowTieXP license in under two minutes.


3 – Reusing bowtie data with scrapbook functionality

Finally, a somewhat unexpected third place goes out to our instruction video on reusing bowtie data with our advanced scrapbook functionality. Do you find yourself filling out the same bowtie elements over and over again? Avoid repetitive work and learn how to reuse data by building a bowtie library with the scrapbook functionality.


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