Although the year isn’t over yet, it is safe to say which blogs have been best read in the year 2020. Overall themes? Turning your Excel into a bowtie diagram, dealing with COVID-19, and the abuse of bowties and how to prevent it. Grab a cup of coffee and find our top 3 below.

1 – How to turn your Excel into a bowtie diagram

We know that many companies have their risk assessment in Excel. BowtieXP offers an easy way to transform an excel file into a Bowtie diagram. This creates a visual overview of your data. Do you want to know how? Check out this blog which also contains an instruction video.


2 – Letting the genie out of the bottle – The COVID-19 Coronavirus global pandemic

This is a throwback to March when COVID-19 became a worldwide reality. This blog was published then and enriched with a bowtie model that maps out elements of control and mitigation, taking the cue from the CDC and WHO recommendations, government actions and administrative and medical measures. Thus, affording a greater visualization of the risk scenario at that time, from the perspective of a typical organization affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

3 – Bowties for incident analysis – Help us get rid of this rumor

“I don’t like to use bowtie for my incidents, it feels too simplistic. I much prefer 5-why or Root Cause Analysis” is something we hear once in a blue moon when we are at conferences. This irks us as it is similar to someone saying, “I don’t like cheese, I much prefer chalk”. Some, often new, safety people seem to misunderstand the goal of the bowtie. As a result, they often use it in the wrong situations or for the wrong goals and end up disliking it. In this short blog, we will go into what bowties are for, and what they aren’t for. As bowtie is sometimes mistaken for incident analysis techniques. We will also go into what incident analysis techniques are for, and what they aren’t for.