In May 2020, CGE Risk together with a group of valued aviation experts, launched an online bowtie risk analysis and management platform to support the aviation industry with a common language in times of crisis. Bowties provide the common language required to make sure we understand each other, share data, indicate areas for improvement and subsequently create the required Public Health Corridors (PHC) as referred to in the aviation sector over the past couple of months. Read more and request access to the platform in our previous news article.

More guidance is being published

Time literally flies and we are unfortunately still stuck in a COVID centered world. Some countries are doing quite well and are ruling out most infections, where as other countries are coloring ‘redder’ every day. Also, the aviation industry is still struggling as flights are getting cancelled again. Time for an updated view and continued action.

The past months there has been much debate going on about the right way forward. How do we assure safe travel? How can we gain back trust with travels to get on board of the aircraft? How can people safely transit through different airports? We are very happy to see that recently more guidance is being published to help tackle these types of questions in a practical manner.

In a recently published article on the EASA website, a bowtie diagram has been shared to “ anyone working at an airport or airline who is implementing COVID-19 health measures as part of the EASA/ ECDC Aviation Health Safety Protocol (AHSP)” (source, EASA).
With this article EASA is encouraging aviation organizations to join forces as it’s vital to work together in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and assure safety for all.

EASA bowtie available at online bowtie risk analysis and management platform

To encourage you to make use of the publicly available bowtie diagram as constructed by a team of EASA staff, we have included the diagram in the Global Covid Response BowTieServer as well. Have a look and use it to your advantage, only together we can assure safety for all!

Join the Global Covid Response initiative


Read the full EASA article and download the bowtie via the EASA website.