It is September 24th, 2020 when CGE Risk organizes their first virtual event ‘Connected by Risk’. From their own event living room and studio in The Hague (NL), covering two timeslots, broadcasting to almost 1300 registered attendees. It promised to be an inspirational and joyful event and it was! Now it is time for reminiscing…

Living in a time where people are confined to their homes, work from home and keep social distance, it is very important to stay connected. The current developments with COVID-19, might make us feel disconnected from our family and friends, but also from our colleagues and peers. That is why CGE Risk wanted to connect with their network in a online process safety seminar.


4 Knowledgeable speakers had a unique story to tell. Starting with Daniel Rowe from SBM Offshore, who shared how they accomplish effective operational risk management. SBM Offshore started their process safety journey in 2013/2014. The first focused on the hardware barriers because they are less complex than e.g. the human barriers. Among other factors, the CCPS/EI guidelines and the functional barrier grouping helped them to make their bowties smaller. One of his tips: make sure people know and use the knowledge and represent the correct information in your bowties.

Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg took us into the world of psychological safety. In the beginning of his carrier, safety professionals mainly focused and learned from disasters. He stressed that we now should focus on success stories. The talked about the importance of the team. With the vivid example of Max Verstappen and his team that hold the world record in fastest pitstop. His take home message? Get the best out of your team and focus on the process instead of the outcome.

Justin Naik from eVision, explained the connection and further plans of Wolters Kluwer and CGE Risk. He talked about the added value of the CGE Risk product suite to a larger platform. In this combined platform is room for (i) integrated risk & compliance, (ii) engineering & operations, and (iii) environmental, health and safety. The combined offerings will enable customers to improve their EHS, ORM, and risk performance and to conduct more responsible, productive, and safe operations. Enablon is planning to reveal more about this during SPF world 2020.

And finally, David Metcalfe, that elaborated on the next generation industrial and operational risk management. As the Industry 4.0 agenda gains pace, a confluence of technology trends are opening up the possibility for real-time, integrated risk management to replace static and siloed risk management. And what Mister Bean, captain Jack Sparrow and Bill gates have to do with his presentation? Go check out the event recording to find out.

35% Of the audience indicated they felt completely inspired, enthusiastic about putting the gained knowledge into practice and even 63% indicated the event gave them new insights that they might explore further. An indication that is was a truly inspirational event!

Find a visual summary of the event below:

Stay connected

Now they look forward to stay connected! Below you will find out how:

  • First, learn more about advanced barrier management & how to apply the CGE Risk product portfolio during the upcoming webinar series: ‘Connect the dots’.
  • Did you tune in one of the sessions and was your question not answered during the Q&A? Don’t worry, CGE Risk will do their utmost to answer all questions raised at a later stage.
  • Don’t forget to reserve your seat for the next year’s Network Event around the central theme ‘We can be heroes’.
  • Did Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg inspire you during this event? Register for the online risk management master class to keep learning from this leader in the field of risk management & safety!

And as always, in case of questions or if you require assistance, please feel free to contact CGE Risk.

All that’s left is a big THANK YOU to attendees and speakers, you really made this event rock!

Did you miss the event? Or want to relive this seminar? Don’t worry we got you! Find the recording here.

Want to get an impression of this event? Check out the after movie.

Watch the after movie


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Stay healthy, stay safe, stay connected!