Our value added consultancy partner David Hatch (Process Safety Integrity) has exploited over 30 years’ experience in high-hazard process industries to develop an online relational database Process Safety Events which connects historical accidents (unplanned events) to current information and future (planned) events to help duty-holders to learn from previous incidents and act to avoid the next loss of control or containment. Although there are a number of well-respected incident databases, these can often focus on the problems (what went wrong) rather than solutions (what to do right) and this platform aims to use social and technical media to connect stake-holders to solution providers including delivery of training and supply of services and software.

Accident Anniversaries appear daily to inform those new to the industry (who lack experience) and remind ‘veterans’ (who may become complacent) that incidents continue to occur in all industries in all locations and that a robust barrier-based protection portfolio is essential to sustain asset integrity. Incidents are being summarised using IncidentXP and the incident location map mimics the Organizational overview & oversight in BowTieServer. Curious about this solution based platform? Visit Process Safety Events.