As CGE, we really appreciate universities seeing the value of the bowtie method and practical benefits of BowTieXP. We are proud the barrier based approach is part of study programs that educate the new generation of Risk Managers. The University of Manchester has been successfully doing so with its innovative ‘Essential Risk Management for Business’ unit. Read all about their approach below.

The University of Manchester

An innovative university module has been designed in The University of Manchester and it’s been delivered successfully since 2017 for a cohort of interdisciplinary postgraduate students in the Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS). The unit ‘Essential Risk Management for Business’ is taken by various master programmes; business analytics, enterprise, innovation management, computer science, computer engineering, etc. It addresses risk management in business from a holistic aspect – avoiding the ‘silo’ approach.

Managing risk with help of bowties

The blended learning unit encompasses theoretical aspects and practical tools for managing risk in a pragmatic way; with particular emphasis on effective risk communication methodology via the Bowtie method; a visual tool that makes risk understandable to all stakeholders.

One of the innovative aspects applied is the use of the BowTieXP software by CGE Risk Management Solutions which provides a state-of-the-art risk management solution; this enables students to understand the use of the methodology as a visual communication tool for the risk management of a business in a dynamic environment.

In addition to the software, the unit is complemented with an e-learning module for the basic BowTie method, by completing this on-line learning element, students are awarded a certificate by CGE. The unit has reached a milestone of awarding more than 100 certificates which are funded by the Masood Enterprise Centre.

One of the top-scoring courses

As part of the coursework the master students have created more than 200 business related bowtie risk management plans tackling industries from engineering, healthcare, automobile, aviation, banking, oil and gas to art and museums. The postgraduate students have consistently valued the unit as one of the top scoring units in AMBS. They value it as the course provides them with a mind shift on the perspective of risk, it equips them with a good understanding of risk management and equips them with skills of using an industrial software used by practitioners with an e-learning element that offers them a company certificate they add on their CV.

For more information regarding the university educational aspect of BowTieXP software, please contact Dr. Kassandra A. Papadopoulou at Would you like to learn more about BowTieXP and the e-learning modules, please contact CGE.