At CGE, we are always looking for ways to improve our software to increase overall usability for your convenience. After the release of software version 10 we have not been idle. We are very pleased to announce the new BowTie e-learning modules. Best of all, the modules are already live and available at a discounted rate! Keep on reading to find out more.

Bowtie e-learning

The BowTie e-learning improves your method knowledge and BowTieXP skills. The e-learning consists of two modules: ‘’The Basic Bowtie Methodology’’ and ‘’Bowtie Diagram Construction with BowtieXP’’. To master the objectives of e-learning every module has a step-by-step approach. We will guide you through these steps with elaborate explanations, supported by visualizations and exercises. Every module can be completed in approximately two hours straight or over a period of time. After completion of the modules, you are awarded a certificate. For more information about e-learning, please check our e-learning page or download the brochures here.

What is new?

We offered e-learning before, but now present a brand new platform with improved content. There are many advantages to this new e-learning. Better visualization, so that’s it is easier to understand the methodology. To get even more out of your e-learning experience, we added a quiz at the end of each chapter. This offers a good repetition of the learning objectives and provides excellent preparation for the new final quiz.

Next, the content of the two modules are tweaked. In “Basic Bowtie Methodology”, we added more information to clarify the evolution of the methodology. We also illustrate the advantages of using this method. This information helps you to understand the use of bowtie in risk management.
In “Bowtie Diagram Construction with BowTieXP”, we added instructions on the installation and activation of BowTieXP. We elaborate on the features with lots of videos that are understandable for anyone, suitable for all skill levels of BowTieXP.

Start your e-learning

You can purchase e-learning via our website or you can order via our value added partners. To celebrate the new e-learning we made a special package deal. On orders for both modules placed before September 1st, a package deal pricing is applicable: € 250 for module 1&2 (instead of € 99 for Module 1 and € 199 for module 2).

Get started right away and begin building basic Bowtie method and BowTieXP competence through an easily accessible online solution, remotely and whenever it fits your schedule. Take advantage of our temporary package deal until September 1st!