At CGE, we continue to improve our software, so that we anticipate the latest worldwide developments in risk management and improve overall usability for your convenience. Behind the scenes we have been working very hard on new versions and are pleased to announce the upcoming release of BowTieXP and BowTieServer. It is to be expected that versions 10 of BowTieXP and BowTieServer will be up and running soon!

What is new?

To give you an idea on what to expect, please find a short overview below of the key improvements divided into two categories, (i) the desktop and (ii) the enterprise.

Highlighted improvements on XP-tools (desktop)

  • Global/local bowtie differentiation
  • LOPA plugin improvements
  • Additional treeview customizability
  • Automated risk assessment on hazard
  • Copy/paste between timeline and diagram (IncidentXP)
  • General enhancements

Highlighted improvements on BowTieServer tools (enterprise)

  • Global/local concept support;Grouping in Webviewer enhanced
  • Enriched plot plans
  • Multiple enhancements on treatment and observations
  • Audit observation types
  • Admin configuration of dashboard

Curious to learn more and these improvements and features? Check out our release notes with more detailed descriptions and visuals.

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More on global-local bowties

One of the key features that is mentioned above is global/local concept support. In BowTieXP 10 and BowTieServer 10 we have covered the need to aggregate multiple specific bowties on a local level to a global bowtie (and vice versa). To introduce this new concept to you in more depth, we organized a global/local webinar in which we showed how to work with this global/local concept in BowTieXP and BowTieServer. This webinar already took place. Complete & submit the details below to receive the recording of the webinar in your inbox right away.