15 10, 2019

Bowties for pizza delivery drones?

2020-10-16T12:07:08+02:00Aviation, Blog|

Guest blog by Anthony Venetz from Across Safety Development Love them or hate them, drones are now a part of the aviation environment. They represent a huge spectrum of equipment types, use cases and operators, and somehow they all need to be managed so as to ensure the safety of manned aviation and people on [...]

2 10, 2019

ISO 31000 blog series – Monitoring and review – Learning from incidents with bowties


In the previous ISO 31000 blog, we saw the inherent difficulties in incident analysis and learning from incidents. In this software blog, we focus on how IncidentXP helps tackle these difficulties. IncidentXP guides you through the process of incident investigation. 7 steps Notably, IncidentXP supports you in the following 7 steps: Fact-finding Timeline Event chaining [...]