The London North Eastern Railway, formerly known as Virgin Trains East Coast, developed a bowtie to be used as both a risk assessment and a project plan. In case of a strike, the company has two weeks to organize contingency operations. Using the bowtie ensures the operations are just as safe as during normal operations.

“We want to be able to set up a substitute organization to use in the event of a strike. Our goal is to deliver a full service, without any impact for the passenger. This has to be done in exactly the same safe manner as every other day of the week. Every replacement needs to meet the same strict requirements; everyone has to be trained and assessed as we would do to every other member of staff”, explains Anthony Pateyjohns, Safety and Sustainability Risk Manager at London North Eastern Railway (LNER).

Download the case study and learn how LNER:

  • Set up a substitute organization to use in event of a strike, ensuring safe operations
  • Uses Bowties as a method to check assurance and as a plan for the contingency teams to deliver
  • Creates an overview of the risks and involves more people in the organization
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