In the past few years, CGE and its partners have organized workshops in Brazil to demonstrate how the bowtie methodology can help organizations improve their risk management. Currently, more and more people in this region are interested in applying the bowtie method, to manage their organizational risks.

To further support current bowtie activity in Brazil, we have created a Portuguese BowTieXP website, we are visiting Brazil, one of our partners is organizing a 2-day bowtie training, and later this year we are organizing our annual Barrier Based Risk Management Event, in close cooperation with IBP.

Portuguese BowTieXP information available now

To help people in this region learn about bowties in their own language, we created a Portuguese BowTieXP website: On this website, you can easily find information about the BowTieXP software, but also CGE partners who are able to provide you with barrier based risk management consulting and/or training in your region.

Meet us in Brazil

In the week of May 6th, we will personally be visiting Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. If you are interested in meeting us to share ideas on the use of different risk management and incident analysis tools and how it could be applied, please contact Arjan Verboom ( or +31 (0) 6 5882 5122) to schedule an appointment.

Our traveling schedule:

  • Monday May 6th – 8th Rio de Janeiro
  • Tuesday May 9th – 10th Sao Paulo

Attend a 2-day Bowtie course in Rio de Janeiro

Interested in attending a bowtie course? Professor Fernando Saldanha from PS Engenharia, one of our partners, is organizing a 2-day Bowtie course in Rio de Janeiro, together with IBP. More information can be found here.

Annual Barrier Based Risk Management Event

Save the date: on October 28th we will be organizing our annual Barrier Based Risk Management Event in close cooperation with IBP. This will be the third edition. Every year we invite leading companies to share best practices from different industries. To get an impression, feel free to have a look at last year’s program.