It was pleasantly crowded at the CGE booth during the NVVK (Dutch Society for Safety Science) Congress 2019 at Hotel Papendal in Arnhem. The NVVK congress is the largest (Dutch) congress in this field of expertise in the Netherlands. The conference was very well attended by members of the society, the program filled with interesting speakers and there were great break-out sessions. The theme “2025, what I am going to do differently?” led to future-focused sessions and discussions, one of the key conclusions: technological innovations must go hand in hand with the human aspects of safety.

Congress conclusions

From our conversations during this conference, we have noticed a few things we would like to share:

  • Members of the NVVK (Dutch Association for Safety Science) are familiar with the bowtie method, however, not everyone knows the nuances of the methodology. It is often thought that bowtie is a way to look at incidents, while the prospective nature of the method is important
  • Various Dutch safety science education providers are interested to collaborate with CGE to improve the use of bowties and barrier thinking in their training courses. We look forward to further developing these plans with these contacts in the next period.
  • Bowties can be a good way to visualize the traditional Dutch ‘RI&E’ (Risk Assessment and Evaluation) and create more awareness within organizations; in other words: bringing safety and risk consciousness to the work floor. One of our value-added partners Aad Versteeg from AVSM Arbo Consult presented his vision and a practical case on this subject.

‘RI&E’ with the help of bowties

Aad Versteeg from AVSM Arbo Consult presented a case in which the mandatory risk assessment and evaluation (Dutch RI&E) was carried out based on the bowtie methodology. A specific organization working in the space industry was not satisfied with the manageability of their ‘RI&E’ that was drawn up in word and Excel documents. Other requirements were that the ‘RI&E’ must comply with legislation and regulations, has enough depth and complies with ISO 9001. Eventually, the ‘RI&E’ bowtie provided the organization with a clear and manageable risk inventory that meets requirements. The case shows an international organization actively managing the barriers, so it always has an up-to-date insight into the control measures. Due to the chosen process and the BowTie method, the involvement and support from all stakeholders are high.

Meet us at the next conference

Interested to learn more on this topic? CGE will be present at the Congress Process Safety presenting together with Aad Versteeg on May 15th, 2019. Next, especially interesting for our Dutch contacts that want to visualize their RI&E with help of bowties, AVSM Arbo Consult organizes and 2-day bowtie workshop focused on RI&E. A great opportunity to go in-depth and learn how to link the RI&E requirements to the bowtie method.