To serve risk experts all over the world, was already available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Italian, and recently, the French language was added to this repertoire.

Making risk understandable by using one common language

One of the reasons why BowTieXP was developed is the importance of a common language to communicate risk throughout all the layers of organizations. We have found that in risk management, the barrier language is such a common help. However, it is still always nice to work in your native language, therefore our barrier based software was already available in multiple languages, and now the website is also available in various languages.

Find CGE partners in your region

On this website you can easily find information about the BowTieXP software in your own language, but also CGE partners who are able to provide you with barrier based risk management consulting and/or training in your region, using the famous bowtie method and BowTieXP software.

Soon to be expected

Portuguese is the next language to be added to this website as well.

Check it out

Find out more about the BowTieXP software in your own language, visit and select your language in the right corner of the website.