Since this blog is about saving you time, let’s not waste any more words than necessary and let’s jump right into it:

1 – Drag multiple tabs in the same window

Did you know that you can drag multiple tabs in the same window? Rather than clicking back and forth between, for example, your ‘bowties tab’ and your ‘case overview tab’, you can fit both tabs in the same window. Simply hold your left mouse button over a tab and drag it to the middle of your screen, where a small diagram, ‘the pane-window’ will pop-up. See the gif on the right.

2 – Drag & drop from the treeview

Save yourself time by instantly assigning values from the treeview to the shapes in your diagram. Hold the left-mouse button and drag it to a shape of your choosing. As an example, in the gif below you can see the ‘effectiveness’ value ‘very good’ being assigned to the barrier ‘ABS’.

3 – Filtering the treeview

There are a lot of values in the treeview, and you probably don’t use all of them. You can choose which ones you want to hide or see by setting up the Treeview Filter.

In the gif, you can see that the software comes with some default filters. You can create a new profile, and hide whatever you don’t want to see. In the example on the right, we’ve hidden ‘barrier categories’.

So there you go, you can now be more efficient with our products. Which of these shortcuts are you going to use most?