Earlier this year, AeroSafety World magazine issued an article on ‘Modeling Common Aviation Risk’. This article talks about an initiative to share safety knowledge within the Aviation Industry, without having to swap internal data. This initiative is called CARM which stands for ‘Common Aviation Risk Models’.

(If you’re a Flight Safety Foundation member, you can read their article here: https://flightsafety.org/asw-article/modeling-common-aviation-risk/)

Common aviation risk models (CARM)

CGE partner ‘The Aloft Group’ is the founding organization for this collaborative effort called CARM. Sharing knowledge between organizations by asking safety managers about their experiences has been helpful, but also has its limitations due to a number of factors including the difficulty of standardizing data.

The purpose of CARM is to move beyond these limitations by using a set of bowtie based risk models that capture best understanding of the key risks to aviation globally. Put simply CARM involves the joint development and sharing of bowtie risk models by industry experts. Models cover the key hazards associated with all aspects of aviation operations.

This project is powered by the BowTieServer solution from CGE Risk Management Solutions. The CARM BowTieServer includes a database of bowtie diagrams that were created and shared by CARM members and CARM working groups.

Learn more about this initiative via The Aloft Group website:


3rd annual common aviation risk models (CARM) meeting

On the 1st of October, the 3rd Annual CARM Meeting will be held in Leidschendam (The Netherlands). The Annual Meeting is designed to share the current efforts of the CARM Group among the existing members and introduce new participants to the CARM activities. Guests are welcome to attend and participate to gain an understanding of the progress being made collaboratively in the area of joint development and sharing of bowties and aviation risk management. There is no fee to attend this 1-day session. Learn more about this event.