Earlier this year the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) revised their ISO 31000 standard. With this ISO 31000:2018 standard, ISO promises to “keep risk management simple” and “deliver a clearer, shorter and more concise guide that will help organizations use risk management principles to improve planning and make better decisions.”

Main changes since the previous edition: ISO 31000:2009

According to the ISO, the main changes are:

  • Review of the principles of risk management, which are the key criteria for its success
  • Focus on leadership by top management who should ensure that risk management is integrated into all organizational activities, starting with the governance of the organization
  • Greater emphasis on the iterative nature of risk management, drawing on new experiences, knowledge and analysis for the revision of process elements, actions and controls at each stage of the process
  • Streamlining of the content with a greater focus on sustaining an open systems model that regularly exchanges feedback with its external environment to fit multiple needs and contexts

These changes led to a revision of the ISO 31000 model as well (image below).


Read the full article here to learn more about the changes in the ISO 31000 risk management framework: https://www.iso.org/news/ref2263.html

Learn how to conform to the new guidelines with the bowtie method: blog and online demonstration

One of our latest blogs offers more insight into how the bowtie method can help you put the ISO directives into practice. The blog takes you through several stages of the risk framework and explains what role the bowtie method plays in each of these stages while taking into account the recently renewed ISO 31000 guidelines.

In July, we successfully organized a webinar on this topic: conform to ISO 31000 using the bowtie method webinar. Did you miss out on this opportunity and are you looking for ways to implement the standard so that it suits the needs and objectives of your organization? Please contact us for a personal online demonstration on this subject matter.