17 07, 2018

Sharing safety knowledge by modeling common aviation risk

2018-07-17T15:49:42+02:00Aviation, News|

Earlier this year, AeroSafety World magazine issued an article on ‘Modeling Common Aviation Risk’. This article talks about an initiative to share safety knowledge within the Aviation Industry, without having to swap internal data. This initiative is called CARM which stands for ‘Common Aviation Risk Models’. (If you’re a Flight Safety Foundation member, you can [...]

11 07, 2018

Importing data into BowTieXP – Boring job made easy – Part 2

2018-07-12T11:55:42+02:00Blog, BowtieXP, Software functionality blog|

Gathering risk scenarios & incident information, and updating them can be an intense job, especially if the available data is scattered over multiple files and multiple formats. Often clients have the need to merge parts of data from different sources and tend to ask for help to do this in a decent manner. Luckily the [...]

10 07, 2018

Main changes in revised ISO 31000 standard – Keep risk management simple


Earlier this year the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) revised their ISO 31000 standard. With this ISO 31000:2018 standard, ISO promises to "keep risk management simple" and "deliver a clearer, shorter and more concise guide that will help organizations use risk management principles to improve planning and make better decisions." Main changes since the previous [...]

5 07, 2018

UK government services recommend bowtie to keep overview of risk management practices


Last week gov.uk published an article by the Ministry of Defence and Military Aviation Authority, on the bowtie method as a visual tool to keep an overview of risk management practices, rather than replacing existing processes or systems: According to the MOD and MAA, bowtie can simplify Air Safety System case (ASSC)-based auditing techniques and [...]