On the 12th of June, CGE conducted a BowTieServer user forum in the UK. The meeting was hosted by Rolls-Royce in Derby and was very well received by all attendees. It was the second user forum since the launch of BowTieServer in 2014. At the user forum, several speakers introduced the BowTieServer use case that is deployed within their respective organizations.

Use cases of BowTieServer

In general, organizations use BowTieServer to centralize all bowtie, incident and audit information in a single database and manage barrier performance on a day-to-day basis via the up-to-date overview of the safety management system that BowTieServer provides. The use cases of the organizations that were present, specifically revolved around the following features:

Audits and Compliance frameworks – management system audits and action tracking
The Compliance Frameworks feature bridges the gap between regulations and operational safety management systems. It is used to check whether, for example, the physical assets and employee safety conform to the standards. The below picture gives organizations an overview of the maturity level of their objectives, based on their barriers.

Action Tracking allows organizations to monitor actions that are planned to improve barrier effectiveness. Many BowTieServer customers use this feature to keep track of who is assigned to which task or action. The below image shows the status of an action that was assigned to a barrier. Clicking on the action name would take you to another page showing more in-depth details of the progress of the action and the people responsible for it.

Scenario-Based Incident Registration (SIR) – linking incident registration to bowtie barriers
The SIR tool allows people at all levels (or at some level) of the organization to define barrier states and their immediate causes for failing, if applicable. Moreover, it offers the possibility to import incident data from an external system, perform a SIR and map the results on a bowtie diagram to provide the quantitative element. The below picture shows an incident view on a bowtie.


BowtieServer in Enterprise Risk – managing principal operating risks
BowTieServer serves as a framework to support an organization to manage principal operating risks. Main benefits include:

  • The possibility to enforce a consistent approach to risk across the organization
  • Create a clear understanding of what the risks are, how these are controlled and whether the controls actually work

Further BowTieServer user forum activities

Besides the use cases that were discussed, CGE demonstrated the latest features of BowTieServer and the roadmap, while brainstorming took place during the whole day.

As the forum provides a very inspiring environment for all participants, we hope to repeat the forum in the UK next year and welcome even more BowTieServer users and enthusiasts to the session.