Today BowTieXP 9.2 and BowTieServer 3.2 are officially released. Changes have been made to BowTieXP, IncidentXP, AuditXP and BowTieServer. Below is an overview of the latest features and improvements of the software:

  • System & parts (BowTieXP)
  • Question aggregation (AuditXP)
  • Link RCA events to bowtie barriers (IncidentXP)
  • Integrated BowTieXP & IncidentXP action tracking (BowTieServer)
  • Translatable (BowTieServer)
  • New bowtie viewer (BowTieServer)
  • HAZID revamped (BowTieServer)
  • New review system (BowTieServer)
  • Usability improvements (BowTieServer)

Curious to find out how these features exactly work? Check out the release notes for a step-by-step explanation, or hit the button below.

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If you are in the possession of a valid Support & Maintenance contract, please make sure to download the latest version so you can benefit from these improvements. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to download the latest version, or if you want to renew your Support & Maintenance subscription, please contact or give us a call at +31 88 1001 350.