When incidents in the rail industry happen, this often has an enormous impact on both individuals and equipment. Most organizations operating in this industry have personnel at all kinds of levels deal with risk on a day to day basis. It can be a real challenge to actively engage (non-risk) management teams, to make sure that the complete staff throughout the organization are proactively involved in the daily management of risks. But as a rail company, what are the steps to take to make that happen?

Rail Industry Event

To help companies in the rail industry understand their risks and manage them effectively, CGE is organizing an event for this industry in particular: ‘Risk Management in Rail’. On June 5th, we will host a 1-day event at the National Railway Museum in York. This day aims to bring together the industry, join forces and in turn making the railway even safer.

Several companies in this rail sector have taken some serious steps forward in terms of Barrier Based Risk Management. So, what can the sector learn from the efforts so far? Network Rail, Virgin Trains and Rail Safety and Standards Board UK will be sharing their journey with barrier based risk management. Learn from these industry-leading clients and share knowledge with your peers, register today!

Risk Expert Session – Episode 3

According to Coen van Gulijk, professor of railway safety and risk at the University of Huddersfield, one of the major tradeoffs in rail is the capacity of train tracks versus the safety level. Episode 3 of the Risk Expert Session videos has just been released. In this 7 minute interview, Coen van Gulijk shares his view on ‘Safety in Rail’.

Do you have a question for Coen van Gulijk? This expert will also be speaking at the upcoming rail event on the topic of ‘Big Data Analytics for BowTies’ and would be happy to answer any questions you might have during this industry gathering.

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Guest Blog to be released: ‘Big data in your bowtie’

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