BowTieXP version 9.2 will soon be released, together with BowTieServer version 3.2. What new features can you expect? For each software tool, several new features have been developed that will help you get the information you need, more efficiently. In this sneak preview, we’ll introduce one new feature for each software type.

BowTieXP – Systems & Parts

The biggest change in BowTieXP is the ‘System & Parts’ functionality:

  • This functionality is now located at ‘System groups’ and includes separate permissions
  • Aside from on/offline, you can now also choose the option ‘unknown’ for parts
  • More flexible and easier integration with BowTieServer

AuditXP – Aggregate audit results

In the new version, users can aggregate audit results. This means you can group 10 questions into one group and then link that group to a barrier. Instead of adding questions one by one onto a barrier, drag-and-drop the audit-group.

IncidentXP – Linking RCA results to barriers

The Root Cause Analysis method can now be linked to barriers. The incident filter shows failure percentages (image below) of your barriers, visualizing their reliability and performance in practice.

BowTieServer – Action tracking

Currently, when you create an action (sticky note) in BowTieXP or a recommendation in IncidentXP, it will show up in BowTieServer, but it pretty much ends there. Thanks to the improved ‘Action tracking’ functionality in the next version, it can now also be managed and tracked in BowTieServer. This can be done, for instance, by adding responsible persons, the business units to which they apply and tracking the statuses of actions.

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