30 04, 2018

Visual Qualification – Risk Management in Life Science Industries


Guest blog by David Hatch from Process Safety Integrity (PSI) Every business has legal, economic, and ethical objectives that range from mandatory safety to commercial goals to corporate citizenship. Businesses undertake a certain amount of risk to achieve these objectives. In this blog, David Hatch (Process Hazard Analyst at Process Safety Integrity) gives a brief [...]

24 04, 2018

5 reasons why analysing barrier failures is better than 5-why


Guest blog by Alex de Ruijter (Risk management psychologist) from Slice I hope you'll forgive me, but I don't really like 5-why. It's a decent methodology (especially if you don't do incident analysis often), but in my opinion there are better options. Instead, we can use barrier-based incident analysis methods like Tripod Beta, Barrier Failure [...]

23 04, 2018

BowTieXP 9.2 and BowTieServer 3.2 will soon be released


BowTieXP version 9.2 will soon be released, together with BowTieServer version 3.2. What new features can you expect? For each software tool, several new features have been developed that will help you get the information you need, more efficiently. In this sneak preview, we’ll introduce one new feature for each software type. BowTieXP - [...]

17 04, 2018

Dynamic Barrier Monitoring in BowTieXP with Systems & Parts

2018-04-17T16:52:52+02:00Blog, BowtieXP, Software functionality blog|

Many companies want to extend the BowTieXP functionality to integrate with their (computerized) Maintenance Management System, so they can display the (real-time) availability of their hardware barriers. Technical barriers usually consist of systems that are made up of multiple parts. By displaying the online/offline status of hardware parts and (sub)systems, decisions can be made in [...]

9 04, 2018

How Human Factors can be taken into account in IncidentXP


The bowtie method is a proactive risk analysis tool, which is used to understand risks and to prevent incidents from occurring. In one of our previous blogs, Human Factors were discussed in bowtie risk modeling. There are different ways to include Human Factors, for example in the threat or in an escalation factor (or degradation [...]

3 04, 2018

Frequently made Tripod Beta mistakes in health care and how to deal with them


Guest blog by Tripod Beta assessors Ir. E.H.J. (Ed) Janssen and John Sherban P.Eng. In reviewing Tripod Beta analyses in the health care industry (e.g. hospitals), we came across some frequently made mistakes. Collecting information on the symptoms and diagnosing the cause are often seen as the most important barriers to prevent the end event [...]