Visualizing HAZOP information at the IChemE Members group meeting

CGE partner, David Hatch (Process Safety Integrity) will be presenting at the IChemE Tyneside Members Group meeting on 2nd May 2018. In his presentation, David will be following up on the article in the November 2017 issue of ‘The Chemical Engineer’, where he, Ian Travers (Leidos) and Paul McCulloch (CGE) introduced a visual HAZOP system that uses bowties.

Discussing and conducting the Visual HAZOP method with participants

The presentation will include an introduction to the bowtie technique and a discussion about visualising existing HAZOP information in bowtie format as well as conducting HAZOP (or other Hazard) studies using bowties (Visual HAZOP) to engage the participants, ensure safeguards are properly assigned and provide a clear consistent framework to support ongoing risk communication and management.

Connecting the dots during an Elfab facilities plant tour

The IChemE Member Group Meeting includes a plant tour of the Elfab facilities where attendees can learn more about the principles and production of bursting discs which may often be the last layer of protection in a hazard scenario. Sustaining the risk reduction that these and all other protection measures provide is an enduring responsibility and persistent challenge, and David will explain how bowties can be used either locally or across the enterprise to track, evaluate and improve barrier performance (safeguard effectiveness) as part of audits (planned demands) and incident investigations (unplanned demands).

Continue the topic at Hazards28: qualify and quantify your safeguards

For more information on the relationship between HAZOP studies and bowties, or how bowties can be used to qualify and quantify your barriers, please contact us or visit us at Hazards 28 (Edinburgh, May 15-17) where CGE and Process Safety Integrity will be running a LOPA workshop as well as presenting and exhibiting.