Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (Managed by Cleveland Clinic) research suggests use of bowtie to improve healthcare quality

In order to improve the quality of healthcare, it is important to assess the risks that might affect the service delivery and quality of health intervention. This will help other healthcare professionals to work on ensuring minimum risks are maintained in delivering a certain intervention to the patients.

Bowtie proves to be successful in promoting healthcare staff risk awareness

According to this article, there are several models used in the healthcare industry that helps in conducting risk assessment, but there has been a gap in demonstrating a user-friendly model for healthcare professionals. Researchers and writers of this article, Haitham Shomam and Samer Ellahham (SKMC Managed by Cleveland Clinic) suggest the bowtie model as a risk assessment tool for Prospective risk analysis to improve quality in healthcare by its graphical, pictorial presentation that enables easy understanding for all staff.

Read the full article, published by Symbiosis – Reinventing research ideas – here.