Bowtie Library now includes over 600 bowtie diagrams

To help our partners and clients at various bowtie knowledge levels, CGE took the initiative of creating a database with case studies called the ‘Bowtie Examples Library’. The Bowtie Library is constantly being updated with newly uploaded bowties from partners and clients. In the past few months, CGE has also added some additional aviation-, chemical-, and work bowties. CGE is proud to announce that there are now over 600 bowties in the Bowtie Library.

Can everyone make use of this Library?

CGE is always eager for people to share risk assessment and safety-critical information within and between industries and organizations. That’s why CGE Risk Management Solutions does not charge anyone for using the Library, but in return only asks to pay it forward. This can either be done by uploading bowties or by spreading the gospel, which is one of the rules of engagement. For more information about this initiative and the rules of engagement, please click here.

CGE cordially invites Library contributors to join the JIP members dinner

For those who have contributed to the Bowtie Examples Library or who were closely involved in other Joint Industry Initiatives, CGE will host a Joint Industries Program Members dinner during their 2018 Network Event. CGE’s way of saying thanks to all of those who have participated in the ‘Joint Industries Program’. Click here for more information and to register.

Join the bowtie sharing initiative

If you do not have access to the library yet, please request access via the form that can be found on this page. Otherwise, visit the Library by going to and enter your username and password.