We have been talking to experts about a number of interesting topics like blame culture, learning from incidents, big data & bowties and advanced barrier management. The result: CGE Risk Expert Sessions, interview videos with subject matter experts. As we believe in sharing knowledge, we aim to provide you with valuable insights and relevant information that can help you manage your risks.

Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg

One of the top ten leaders in the field of risk management and safety. Jop Groeneweg is connected to the University of Leiden and TU Delft, high-ranking universities renowned for its contribution to the science of safety. His main focus is research into controlling the human factor in accidents. Jop Groeneweg is the original author of ‘Controlling the controllable’, a groundbreaking publication that has been hailed as a risk management revolution.

In December last year, we showed you a sneak preview of the first episode with Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg about Risk Management in General. Today we publish the full session, 17 minutes full of the expert’s opinion on several risk management contradictions: safety versus security, process safety versus personal safety and the paper world versus the real world.

Interested to see the full video and find out more about what Prof. dr. Jop Groeneweg has to share with reference to risk management in general? Please find the video below.


Read the new CGE blog to learn more about our view on the contradictions that are brought forward in the first episode of these Risk Expert Sessions.

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