Former Shell employees develop ‘Life-Saving Rules’ game

Making companies safer with playful learning is the dream of two former Shell employees and founders of the Safety Leaders Foundation. Therefore Dick Nijen Twilhaar and Willem Peuscher created and developed the ‘iLife-Saving Rules®’ game, a game that is based on Shell’s 12 Life-Saving Rules.

From helping develop Shell’s Life-Saving Rules to developing this game

Both of the founders, when with Shell, were closely involved with the development of Shell’s 12 life-saving rules. They contributed to the initial development of the rules and to many aspects of the global roll-out. Last year Dick and Willem started Safety Leaders Foundation to facilitate the acquiring of knowledge and technology to improve HSE performance at the workplace. Now, doing so with the iLife-Saving Rules® game.

The iLife-Saving Rules game

The iLife-Saving Rules® game can easily be accessed by anyone in any organization. It uses accelerated learning concepts so that players comprehend the intention of the rules, providing them with safety fundamentals. The learning is presented similar to what is used in the gaming world, where various kinds of experiences can be used, ranging from advanced Virtual Reality to smartphone apps. It’s a place where people learn while playing the game, with ultimate success as earning insights, preventing next incidents and saving lives.

The below images show parts of the iLife-Saving Rules® game, where participants explore and intervene in risky situations.

Learn more about this solution

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