Upcoming features in 2018

As 2018 is nearing, we are looking forward to new features that help us understand our risks and make our lives easier. We’re always developing our products and although a new major release is still some time away, we would like to give you a little sneak preview of what is to come in 2018.


CGE will be introducing an app that works in combination with BowTieServer. Although all bowtie and barrier data can be neatly stored in BowTieServer, it usually requires an internet connection. This is fine when working in an office environment but risk management does not only take place in the office. The real risks are managed and experienced out in the field where internet connectivity is not always available. This is where an offline app can come in handy. In it, you can, for example, download a barrier inspection sheet and automatically upload the results when you return to the office. Also, incident registration may be made available through the app. Through the app, we hope to be able to bring the knowledge stored in BowTieServer closer to the work floor.

Aggregation of audit results

AuditXP has been a popular add-on to BowTieXP for some time. It is a powerful tool with which you can set out verification questions against your barriers to assure that the barriers identified on paper are also maintained in reality. Any barrier may consist out of different activities and components and it is therefore very common to have multiple verification questions linked to one barrier. But at the end of the day, we want to know how well the barrier is performing overall. That is why we will introduce an aggregation system for audit results on barriers. This way, you can see at a glance what the overall performance of your barriers is.

Multilanguage support

In any form of communication, whether it concerns risks or anything else, speaking the right language is key. BowTieServer is used to communicate all risk data, including your bowties and barriers. This is especially useful for larger, multinational organizations that may operate all over the globe. And it is likely that in those organizations, employees will not all speak the same language. Having beautiful risk models and data is great, but useless if it is lost in translation. Therefore, BowTieServer will in the future support multiple languages, so users can consume information in their own language.

Latest release: version 9

In November version 9.0.4 of the BowTieXP, AuditXP and IncidentXP software was released. Besides new functionalities, the software now also has a slightly adjusted and modernized look and feel, just like our new product logos.

The new BowTieXP look

When you start version 9.0.4 for the first time, you will immediately recognize it by the new BowTieXP logo that appears in your taskbar:

This also applies to the IncidentXP and AuditXP software as they use the same platform.

In addition to the change of logos, the BowTieXP user interface is also slightly different. Up to version 9.0.1, CGE’s BowTieXP had straight lines and the interface was mostly grey. In version 9.0.4, the bowtie diagrams have elegant lines to the threats and consequences and the interface is now blue and grey like in the picture below.

New functionalities in version 9.0

Besides the new look of the bowtie software, there are also some new functionalities in version 9.0. You are now able to:

  • group incidents by type, category, tier, year, quarter and month
  • indicate the build phase of your bowtie
  • link a sign off date to the hazard
  • visualize barrier performance (per organizational unit) on the bowtie
  • do quality checks for systems and online criteria
  • leave out the escalation factors in an incident diagram

Curious to find out how this exactly works? Check out the release notes for version 9.0. or hit the button below to request an online demonstration of these new functionalities.

Upgrade your software to the latest version

Customers with a valid Support & Maintenance subscription are always entitled to download the latest version for free. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to download the latest version, or if you want to renew this subscription, please contact support@cgerisk.com or give us a call at +31 88 1001 350.