CGE is pleased to announce that Prof. Luca Fiorentini (from TECSA S.r.l.) will be sharing his insights on fire safety, at the 2nd SFPE Europe Conference on Fire Safety Engineering. This conference will take place in Rotterdam, on the 3-8th of February 2018. Prof. Luca Fiorentini will be speaking about ‘fire risk assessment as the key of fire safety management systems, to design fire safety strategy for railway stations’.

Designing fire safety strategy for Railway Stations

Railway stations are characterized by the presence of masses of people. Nowadays security issues play an important role and are often conflicting with fire safety related issues. During his presentation, Mr. Fiorentini will discuss bowtie as a standard notation and assessment method to support implementation and management of the Fire Safety Management System (FSMS).

SFPE Europe 2018

Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) conferences have established a reputation globally as the premier events for keeping abreast of advancements in fire safety engineering. Fire safety engineering is growing rapidly in many European countries. For 2018, the conference will focus on timely Europe topics such as healthcare; redevelopment and retrofit of offices and industrial buildings; transport and logistics of car parks, railroads, ships and tunnels; industrial hazards in power, oil and petrochemical; and research and innovation advancements. For more information or to register, please visit the conference website.

Prof. Luca Fiorentini and TESCA S.r.l.

Luca Fiorentini is an internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial, process safety and fire engineering, and Executive Director of TECSA S.r.l. This is an international consulting company working in the field of loss prevention, industrial safety, fire engineering and environmental protection. Over the years Prof. Luca has worked as consultant, lecturer and author in the field of fire engineering and fire risk assessment. TESCA S.rl. has become a point of reference in the panorama of industrial process safety (e.g. EU Seveso Directive), industrial risk assessment, loss prevention, and fire engineering including Performance-Based Fire Engineering.