On the 22nd of September, Sudaksha Consulting & CGE Risk Management Solutions were present at the Global HSE event in Hyderabad, India. This event was visited by approximately 500 delegates, and was opened by the Honourable Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas for the government of India. The conference offered a diversity of topics covering from occupational health to process safety. One of the topics was ‘BowTies in Process Safety’, presented by Paul Haydock from CGE Risk Management Solutions.

Bowties in process safety

The presentation on bowtie risk analysis followed a number of papers of the importance of process safety, which included focus on some of the critical PS elements. Fittingly, the bowtie paper did not repeat the ‘what is important’ but to offer a solution for ‘how to achieve some of the sound objectives that have been so well described’. The short presentation commenced by explaining the benefits of bowtie diagrams, and then showed which of the 20 elements in the four pillars of process safety were enhanced by the use of bowtie diagrams.

Whilst BowTieXP software is not presented as a single solution to the demands of process safety management, it is one that can advance the cause in significant ways. This will be espoused in the imminent release of the CCPS / EI book (published by WILEY) entitled “Bow Ties in Risk Management: A Concept Book for Process Safety”.

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