On September 7th 2017, Jim Joy and CGE were invited to provide a guest lecture at the Delft University of Technology. Students in geo engineering were being informed about the powerful barrier management techniques and the most powerful risk management technique bowtie analysis.

Jim Joy

We had the privilege of Jim Joy dialing in on this lecture to share his perspective on this specific subject. Jim Joy is former Professor and Director of the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre (MISHC) at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has worked in the global minerals industry as expert in the development of operational risk management for 30 years.

Lecture topics

During the lecture Jim Joy demonstrated the importance of solid risk management, the challenges in this area of expertise, the history of operational risk management in the mining industry and what he foresees as the future for operational risk management. He answered student questions and he invited them to challenge the status quo. One of the most striking points: on critical control monitoring, 80% of the controls depend on human actions. So there is a lot to win in geo engineering from a HSEQ perspective.

The guest lecture was very well received by the students. All students are currently working on bowties for a mining project and are open for thesis projects, internships and other projects.

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