The Risk Management Context

How risk assessments and risk management interact with the Control Framework, Culture, Processes, Governance and the basic design/set-up of assets and/or processes. We believe that these areas are strongly interconnected and that on a basic level this interaction is applicable for any given industry. And we believe that a ‘qualitative’ method of assessing risk improves the insight and quality of any operation. Some risks simply cannot be calculated and dealt with ‘in itself’, but are very important to be assessed, communicated and dealt with in the overall context of threats, risks, controls and possible consequences. Whether the core business process is drilling for oil, treating patients, running an airline business or managing financial processes.


In the field of Assurance, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, some of our clients have 12 focus areas, some clients 8. Being consultants by nature, we like the 2×2 representation of what most of our partners and clients deal with on a daily basis; see the illustration above. This ‘risk management context’ gives a comprehensive overview and context of the competencies of our partners – as well as the software solutions we represent in the areas of Risk Management (Risk Assessment, TRA’s, Incident Management, Incident Analysis) and processes and governance (Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance and Permit To Work).

We focus on providing software solutions for risk management and processes and governance. Our partners deliver the services that are required to make our solutions work for our clients. We restrict ourselves to a limited number of business development projects with industry leaders, in order to test new concepts and techniques. We do not deliver solutions for Asset Integrity and Culture & Leadership. Being ‘qualitative’ risk management experts with a background in psychology we are pleased to inform our prospects and clients to ask advice from some of our partners on this.

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