The Joint Industries Project (JIP) 2016 “Barrier Based Content Library” has so far resulted in three templated solutions: ‘BowTie Complete’, ‘Common Aviation Risk Model’ (CARM) and ‘BowTie Software as a Service’.

BowTie Complete, developed by Across Safety Development, offers templated solutions for bowtie barrier management. It is aimed at small to medium sized operations that want to benefit from using bowtie but don’t have the time, resources or budget to develop everything from scratch.

CARM is an annual meeting where a group of aviation organizations from all over the world, voluntarily come together to work collaboratively and identify common operational hazards and threats affecting safety in aviation.

Software as a Service has been developed by CGE and offers complimentary services in addition to the software. Together with the client, CGE identifies which extra services are needed, and helps to provide a solution. These include setting up a BowTieServer environment, setting up the data in your software or provide in company software training.