CGE Risk Management Solutions organized two barrier based risk management events in Nottingham on the 21st and 23rd of March. The healthcare workshop, organized together with value added partner Hu-Tech Human Factors, attracted many healthcare professionals. Approximately 70 guests attended the workshop. Geert van Loopik, one of the organizers of the events: “Although the bowtie method is rather new to the healthcare sector in the UK, there was great interest in the method and its application to assess so called “Never Events”. Attendees were highly engaged and enthusiastic about the possibilities the bowtie method offers their sector.”

The rail event on the 23rd of March was the second engagement organized by CGE Risk for the UK Rail industry and had the intent of building forward on past events to show the possibilities of future steps with regards to Barrier Management. Paul McCulloch, UK manager: “I was very impressed with the high level of knowledge about barrier based risk management of our guest speakers but also of the level of the workshop attendees. This group was ready to take their barrier management to the next level.” Geert van Loopik: “The discussions really got going and a great deal of knowledge was shared, this sharing is just as key to this as giving the right tools.”