CGE has taken the initiative to open an Innovation Center

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen that the need for knowledge and thought sharing about barrier based thinking has taken a new level. We fly around the world to organize industry specific events, set up workshops with our partners and attend a number of conferences to gain more insight in what the industry is up to. The objective of the CGE Innovation Center is an initiative at our home base to stimulate and promote the sharing of barrier based methods as a means to control hazardous operations for ‘critical infrastructure organizations’.

The center can be used as a training venue, networking location and is a good place to meet up as it’s centrally located in the Netherlands. Think of: round table sessions, brainstorming, seminars, etcetera. With this in mind, of course both clients and partners are welcome to make use of the facility.

The Innovation Center is located at the top floor of the CGE head office in Leidschendam.


As CGE we believe in sharing knowledge and spreading best practices, and proven methods for risk assessments, incident analysis, audits and compliance.

Over the last decades there have been a number of initiatives around the world that have led to a better understanding of risks, and how to utilize incidents and verification data to understand the effectiveness of control measures. The ‘three questions’ are a very powerful way to ask the right questions.

A number of people have played an important role in creating understanding on how organizations can manage business critical operations – and what the role of human behavior is. Think about: Jens Rasmussen, James Reason, Patrick Hudson, Jop Groeneweg, Victor Roggeveen, etc.

A number of very useful methods have been invented, reinforced and educated to a large group of people over the course of the years: the bowtie risk assessment method, the tripod incident analysis method, the TOP-SET incident investigation method, etc.The common denominator of all of these methods is ‘barrier management’.

Also other initiatives have played an important role: the hearts & minds approach to understand how organizations deal with risks. Culture and leadership play a very important role in making risk management work in organizations.

All of this helped making organizations and our society a whole lot safer.

Disappearance of knowledge

However, we also see a new trend: it seems like knowledge is slowly disappearing. Persons that have played a central role in knowledge creation and sharing are retiring and universities have stopped educational programmes and basic research on methods.

We depend on how knowledgeable our clients are: HSE managers, Quality Managers, Safety Managers, Operations Directors, Risk Managers, CFO’s, Compliance Offices, Auditors, etc. We make software that helps organizations in applying these methods in their organization and therefoe we depend on the knowledge level of our clients.

It is in our, and everybody’s interest to share knowledge

Furthermore we see it as our general role in society. CGE has originated from the Cognitive Psychology Leiden University. Our passion is to assist our clients with knowledge, useful methods and tools that can help to understand and manage risks. We like to make a difference.

More information

Questions about the CGE Innovation Center? Please contact or call +31(0) 88 1001 350.