8 07, 2015

ALARP thinking – Prescriptive safety: Have we gone too far?

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Guest blog from Risktec also published in Riskworld issue 27 2015 In NASA’s heyday, the safety of the space shuttle was assured by a strict adherence to ‘Flight Rules’. These were black and white rules that identified precisely what action should be taken under specific circumstances. For example, if instrumentation suggested a fuel cell had failed, the [...]

5 07, 2015

Contextual Information Management – Linking the “paper” compliance world to “real” barrier based risk management

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  The upcoming release of BowTieServer will include a contextual ‘wiki based’ information management system, as an integral part of BowTieServer. The BowTieServer Wiki allows documentation to be integrated into risk management. Instead of having separate documents floating around, the documentation can be part of the bowties and linked to specific sections or even paragraphs. [...]